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access keypads

A range of quality and cost effective access keypads produced specifically for the access control industry

The Complete Product Solution for Locks & Ironmongery.


keypad with inbuilt

prox reader / code 

For internal and external use


A similar Keypad to the TSSKEYPAD3, but with the addition of a built in proximity reader, to create a comprehensive standalone access control solution at an incredible price. Suitable for internal and external use.


The integrated 125Khz proximity reader will read a range of fobs and cards when presented. This robust modern vandal resistant keypad is suitable for up to 500 users, and can be used inside or outside. With features such as alarm input, doorbell output, back lit keys and anti-vandal construction, this keypad offers an excellent solution for almost any application. 

For rain shield see product TSS Rain Shield

key features

  • Dimensions: 125mm x 79mm x 54mm

  • Input Power: 12 - 24V DC

  • Current consumption: 200mA

  • Suitable use: Internal or external

  • No of user codes: 100

  • System type: Offline

  • Visual interface: LED indicators

  • Programming method: Directly via keypad

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